Introducing Julep

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Meet Julep Soto.

Julep, as in Mint Julep (her mother’s favorite drink…which may have led to Julep’s existence), is the matriarch of the Not So Berry Challenge issued by Lilsimsie of the Sims 4 Community.  As she posted on her blog, here are the basic rules:


  1. Each heir must represent the color of the generation (i.e. hair, makeup, clothing), but brightly colored skin is not necessary (these aren’t actually berry Sims, that’s the joke)
  2. The colors of the spouses don’t matter as they aren’t part of the challenge. Unless otherwise stated you can do whatever you please with them.
  3. Money cheats can be used, but not excessively. Suggestion: use freerealestate for you first home, but no cheats afterward.
  4. You may live wherever you please unless something is specified in the rules of a generation.
  5. Keep the lifespan on normal.
  6. If you play this challenge and want to share it with us, go ahead and post with #notsoberry so we can see!

1st Generation of this challenge is Mint and the following are the guidelines:

Traits: Vegetarian, Jealous, Materialistic
Aspiration: Chief of Mischief
Career: Scientist


  • Master scientist career
  • Master mischief and logic skills
  • Complete elements collection

I did have a house previously built that I went into and changed the color on some things. It has a toddler bedroom for when she has her 1st child.  I wanted something big enough that I wouldn’t have to put a lot of money into changing…hopefully *fingers crossed*.  I hope you enjoy her journey!

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