Busy Work 1.6

Over the next two weeks, Julep threw herself into her work. She didn’t want to think about the fights and was worried that her love life was starting to interfere with her work.  She had known better to get romantically attached to anyone she worked with.


More important to Julep right now were the non-romantic relationships.  She discovered that the robot that helped her build inventions was actually pretty funny and she wondered who had written his AI.


She started having lunch with Brennan. His easy laugh and kindness helped clear the clutter in her mind.  They talked about their frogs and shared vegetarian recipes.  She learned that he’d graduated high school at 13 and college at 19 – with his Doctorate.  He spoke about it without a hint of ego and she felt that his achievements seemed to carry a weight of sadness with them.  Always being ahead of his peers must have been lonely.


She was grateful to have someone at work that she could bounce ideas off of and ask questions if she got stuck…without judgement.



Leonard was giving her space, consumed as he was by his work.  Or he was back on the downhill of the roller coaster that was their relationship and tomorrow he’d be trying to flirt with her again?  However, as the days stretched on, she felt that perhaps it was just a natural fizzle. She had clearly wanted more of a relationship than he was ready for.


It was fine with her.


Weekends were full of forum trolling – her new favorite pastime.


Trolling Joaquin and Penny were the most fun she’d had in a long time. Finding Penny’s “movie” that she’d made just out of high school?  Priceless.  She’d hold onto that little nugget for a while.


Her frogs were doing great, which made her exceptionally happy and her elements collection was growing more every day.  She still had a long way to go so she spent all her free time collecting crystals and metals anywhere she could.


Her life seemed to have calmed down a bit and, for now, she was grateful.  Her work was important to her and it was time to stop being distracted.


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