Sabotage 1.7


It was ‘restocking’ day at work and Julep was busy digging up gemstones outside when she got a phone call from Brennan. He had found something in his research that he felt might help her.  Desperately needing a break, she dusted herself off and headed inside.


Before Brennan could even get the words out of his mouth, fire alarms began sounding all over the building and emergency messages were blared in all indoor areas, “All Personnel. Make your way to the nearest exit.” Julep and Brennan exchanged looks before Julep took off at a run.  With being a science lab, it really could be something major, or dangerous, and she wanted to know what was at risk.

While others ran frantically outside, Julep charged into the building.  If all else, she knew that her freeze ray could help if the fire hadn’t yet gotten out of hand.

Hitting a wall of fire near the back of the lab was NOT in her plans. Before her mind could fully grasp what was happening she grabbed her freeze ray and got to work.


Once all was under control she took stock of the damage.  She noticed a crystal on the floor in the center, but that the desk in the corner appeared to be ‘ground zero’.  The emergency exit was slightly ajar and a small stone was propping it open.  Hmmm…it is a windy day today…did someone leave it open to fan the flames?

She ran outside to let everyone know that the fire was out.  All of her co-workers were standing outside, unharmed.



After the Fire & Rescue team had assessed the damage and work was able to resume, Julep headed upstairs to clean away the grime.  Suddenly an image of the guys standing outside slammed to the front of her brain…


…was that some smoke damage that she was seeing?


Julep got dressed and ran to find her boss.  He was seated at a desk in Lab 2, with Joaquin at his shoulder.  Perfect…this will make things easy. However, when she saw what was on the screen she stopped dead in her tracks.

No. Way.




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