Vindicated 1.8

Why?  How?  Clearly someone had planned this out.  Knowledge of the security cameras, ability to change time and date…Joaquin!  That little snake was a computer genius…it had to be him! Before any more damage could be done, she confronted them both.


“Excuse me, sir?  That image is a fake and I intend to prove it..” Joaquin spun around, fear on his face.

“Julep, do you have any evidence?” Her boss was clearly worried

“Not yet.  What I know is that I was nowhere near that area this morning. Aren’t there cameras outside to show that I had been out all morning digging up resources?  Or that I was with Brennan when the alarms went off? Its impossible that I could be in two places at once.”

Her boss turned to Joaquin. “Joaquin, you sent me this image. Did you see anything that supports her claims?  Is there something wrong with the timestamp?”

Before he could answer, Brennan came to her side.  “I can vouch for Julep.  She was with me when the alarms went off and I spoke with her as she walked into the building. She could not have set that fire and I think we need to take a really good look at Joaquin’s computer.” He turned to Joaquin and asked, “I find it interesting that the fire came from the back of the lab and while we were all outside at the front of the building, you came from the back exit and around.  Even more interesting is that you are the only one that seems to have a little soot on their lab coat.  Well, except for Julep.  She was battling that blaze while we were all outside and could have died.”

Brennan was shaking as he finished speaking and looked her in the eyes. His anger at Joaquin abated instantly and he softly asked, “Are you ok?” She nodded, since that was all she trusted herself to do at that moment. If she opened her mouth to speak, she feared that she would cry.  Brennan, seeming to understand that shock was about to hit her, led her over to a desk that was nearby.  He brought her a glass of water before heading back over to Dr. Knox and Joaquin.  He got very close to Joaquin before he lowered his voice and spoke, “I will find out what you did.”

*       *        *

After doing a quick scan of Joaquin’s computer, the original video, from 2 weeks ago, had been found and Julep’s name was cleared. Police were called to the lab, computers were seized and Joaquin sat in shock, waiting to be taken away. Julep approached him.


“Joaquin, I don’t know what is in store for you, but you need to know one thing.  You deserve it. The backstabbing, the lying, the fire…everything you’ve done and its finally catching up to you. Was it worth it?” His head fell into his hands and he began to sob.  On the one hand, it was satisfying to see…but Julep couldn’t help but question how he became this way.  Why target her?

She fought the urge to say more and turned her back on him and walk away.  She’d save her questions for later…she was too angry to do it now.

Authors Note: If you are enjoying this, please let me know. Send a comment or message my way.  I’m struggling to keep it going, but I will if I know people are reading :).  



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