3276189582_204f91b8b1Hello!  I’m Athsndwords (sounds like A Thousand Words) and I’m really glad you’re here!  I am a Sims Addict!  I’m primarily a builder (at least in my own mind) and I’m trying to branch into Let’s Play challenges like the Not So Berry Challenge.  It’s a little intimidating so please send words of encouragement if you have them!

I do have a build blog that you can find HERE. I can be found on the Sims 4 Gallery as Athsndwords and also on Twitter under the same.  I do have a link to my Sims4Designs Facebook page and Twitter if you’d like to connect with me that way :).

I love the Sim community! If you have a blog you’d like me to check out, send me a link.  Send me a shout on social media too.

I am also a wife to a Dutch Yeti, mom to two teenagers (eeek!), photographer, writer, nerd, Scottish Lady (with a 1 sq. ft. plot of land to prove it), music lover, movie buff and gamer (also play World of Warcraft).